San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District Getting Proactive


This is H2Owl. He is the new mascot for The San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District (SGVMWD). While I’m not sure what an owl has to do with water conservation, it is nonetheless an interesting marketing item.

I work at WaterWise’s corporate office in Glendora, CA. Just next door is Azusa, the town where I went to college. While driving around Azusa on my lunch break yesterday, I began to notice ads, put out by SGVMWD in partnership with Azusa Light & Water, featuring this mascot.

First there was a sign beside a bus stop, prominently featuring H2Owl and encouraging residents to “Save Water Every Day.” It also had tips for doing so. I saw the sign and thought, “Hey that’s interesting.” I think it’s great that the water district is doing something to remind people of simple ways to help out.

I thought that was it, until I drove down Route 66 and saw a huge banner stretched above the road. The message was the same, again encouraging people to conserve water, but the medium was much larger and harder to miss. (Because not everyone walks or drives past a bus stop poster and takes the time to look at it.)

So I say kudos to SGVMWD and Azusa Light & Water and hopefully other water districts will soon follow.

For more information and to find ways to contribute, visit :


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