Have a Nice Day!

Thanks to help from lots of volunteers, as well as WaterWise staff members, our Toilet Distribution event was a complete success! On Saturday, June 13th, volunteers and staff gave up their mornings and arrived at the school around 6:30 AM to set up. I helped set up a tent over the welcome tables, where we gathered information from Golden State Water Company customers.

From there, we directed customers to the Verification table, where our staff confirmed eligibility to participate in the program. Afterward, customers got back in their cars and passed through to receive their free toilets. On their way out, they saw me.

Originally, I was tasked to make sure no one entered through the exit we had designated. Only a few people tried to come through there. Most people had their windows rolled down when they exited, so I told them to “have a nice day!” Others kept their windows up, so I simply waved. The response I got back was overwhelmingly positive. I was greeted with smiles and many a “thanks, you too” sentiment. I found that people really appreciate a kind gesture, no matter how small.

In the last few hours of the event, I manned the entry to the toilet distribution area. I let those in who had completed the necessary paperwork, and redirected those who had not yet. I got to be the face of WaterWise, in my WaterWise polo shirt. I really enjoyed meeting customers face to face, some of which I had spoken with on the phone when they called in to reserve toilets.

We had a great turnout for the event, giving away more than 400 toilets. I’d like to personally thank all the volunteers from Golden State Water, San Dimas High School, and elsewhere. Without them, none of this would have been possible. Because of all the support, the event ran smoothly. I hope all the customers are satisfied with their new toilets. I know the next event will be just as successful.

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