Farm Water Conservation a Short Term Answer for California?

I read an article in the Oroville Mercury-Register entitled, “Study: California needs to think small to save water.” In it, Tracie Cone looks at the possibility of encouraging farmers to cut back on their water use. The article is based around a report conducted by The Pacific Institute.

The article focuses on farmers specifically in the San Joaquin Valley and states that they receive the same amount of water regardless of how much they use. The article suggests that these farmers should get a break on their water bills if they use less water, because some people aren’t getting a sufficient supply of water as it is.

The problem this poses is that many of these farmers have been doing this for years and don’t want to be forced or even encouraged to use less than they need. The report’s results found that if farmers conserved water, their water savings could amount to much more than what is needed for the proposed new reservoir.

This may be a short term answer, the article suggests, but it isn’t going to fix the drought problems that California continues to face for the third straight year. Other solutions offered include water storage and desalination.

You can read the article here.

What do you think about these ideas?


One thought on “Farm Water Conservation a Short Term Answer for California?

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