Native plants do more than just save water in your garden.

Originally posted in the BeWaterwise group discussion forum on LinkedIn.  Reposted here with permission of Reginald I.Durant, Director of Restoration/Executive Director at Back to Natives Restoration, Inc. 

Are you aware that the use of locally Native plants in landscaping saves much more than just water?  We hope requirements for water conservation will encourage more home owners and business to use LOCALLY native plants, not drought tolerant non native species. Many species used today that are listed or touted as drought tolerant cost the state and federal governments millions of dollars each year in habitat restoration and weed eradication projects. Back to Natives Restoration teaches the USFS & Back to Natives Restoration Training Program for the Trabuco Ranger District of the Cleveland National Forest. The majority of the species we teach our students how to remove are included in recommended planting lists for water saving in the garden including Olive species, Pepper Trees, Palm Trees, Fountain Grassso called sterile and non sterile varieties are found throughout our wildlands and currently seeded by CALTRANS along our freeways and many more. Please see the book “Invasive Plants of California Wildlands” to see how many California Friendly Plants are not so friendly after all! The use of Locally Native California plants reduces the amount of water used in landscaping, reduces chemical use in the garden as they are adapted to local pests, provides longer flowering seasons if planted appropriately, and reduces the likelihood of our Ornamental Plants escaping and invading local wilderness areas thereby costing non profits and public agencies millions of dollars per year. Last year BTN alone had over 950 volunteers work more than 3500 hours removing non native plants and seeding or planting natives!

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One thought on “Native plants do more than just save water in your garden.

  1. This is a good suggestion as gardening does consume a lot of water and we need to make sure we use water wisely in our gardens. This is because fresh water reserves have dropped significantly over the last few years. Things like turning off the water when you brush your teeth can save 3 gallons per day, taking shorter showers saves 5 gallons a day, and installing a smart sprinkler controller saves 40 gallons per day! Check out all the tips on the site and pass it on to fellow Southern Californians!

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