Would a Tunnel Be a Viable Solution to the Water Shortage?

The San Joaquin River Delta
The San Joaquin River Delta

With all the restrictions on pumping from the San Joaquin Delta, there must be some alternative to provide more water to Southern California. The new suggestion is the proposed 35 mile underground tunnel to channel water from the Delta and lessen the negative effects on the fish population.

The tunnel has been better received than the previous idea of a canal, more specifically, the Peripheral Canal, which the majority of voters decided against in 1982.

The price is yet to be determined, but if it costs less than the canal, it has a better chance of approval. The tunnel may end up being very expensive. New York already has underground water tunnels and San Francisco will soon begin work on a shorter, five mile tunnel, in an effort to make it’s pipes earthquake resistant.

To read more about the proposed tunnel, check out the article here, and check out more water news at Aquafornia.


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