Dems Rally to Appoint a Water Council for CA

Yesterday, Democratic lawmakers announced a series of bills that would assign a council specifically to govern water conservation in the San Joaquin Delta. As we have mentioned in recent blog posts, The Delta is very important to the water supply in California. From discussions of canals and tunnels to regulations regarding fish safety, it is becoming apparent that determining what to do with the delta is a major issue.

There are not yet many details about what exactly the proposed bills would entail, but it seems likely that a council focused solely on the issue is in order. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger issued a short statement, noting that this issue is very important and the time to deal with it is now. He promised bipartisanship and looks forward to seeing the details unfold.

Read the Governor’s statement here, and read the article here.

Southern Orange County wants to Secede from MWDOC; Report says this would be financially unwise

Teri Sforza writes in The OC Register about The Municipal Water District of Orange County’s response to claims that its southern cities, Laguna Beach, San Juan Capistrano, and San Clemente, would leave the umbrella of MWDOC and form their own Water District. MWDOC issued a report that found a large amount of money would be wasted if this happened.

The proposed new water agency would be called south Orange County Water Authority and it comes as a sort of mirror to the United States’ formation out of Great Britain. They list a series of concerns in a report, saying they disagree with some decisions and policies of MWDOC.

The southern cities and agencies claim that the new water authority would save customers money. MWDOC’s rebuttal offers figures to back up its claim that, long-term, both the southern and northern cities would lose money. Not only that, but MWDOC is currently number 3 under the umbrella of MWD, and its power on the water board would suffer due to the division.

The article provides facts and rebuts so-called misinformation from the report. It looks like there is some tension among cities in Orange County regarding water. So, what will come of this? Will the southern cities get their wish and break away from MWDOC? Or can the two parties patch things up and retain stability within MWDOC?

What do you think of these developments? Read both sides of the issue and decide for yourself: MWDOC and South OC Water Authority.

The Feds Promise Water Bailout

New grants should help alleviate water woes in California. The grants will send almost $60 million to farms and dairies throughout California. The majority of the grant money will be used for drought relief, with a big chunk going toward the San Joaquin Valley.

Interestingly, $18 million will be allocated for teaching the users about smart irrigation and water use. It goes along with the old axiom;  if you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. However, if you teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime.

One of the services we provide here at WaterWise is our WaterWell series of classes that teach homeowners, agencies, and irrigation professionals how to save water in their gardens. We give them the tools to do it themselves. So, if the federal grant is offering something similar to farmers, I think that’s great.

The grants will come from The Department of Interior and The Department of Agriculture.

To read the article, click here.