Lodi resident explores backyard method of recharging aquifers

                Cecil Reese, Lodi resident and Oklahoma native is exploring a method of recharging underground aquifers in the comfort of his own yard.  Reese’s yard often floods with rainwater during the rainy season.  This is what spurred him to devise a method of reducing flooding in his yard while helping replenish aquifers.

                The flooding is caused by the failure of rooftop gutters to deliver rainwater to sewers or underground storage.  By implementing his innovative idea, Reese was able to solve this problem and potentially another more critical problem.  Reese’s idea could potentially direct large amounts of rainwater directly into the ground where it would be absorbed by underground aquifers.

                The Lodi resident stated that he hates waste, and this was an attempt to prevent the waste of water.  He presented his idea to the North San Joaquin Water Conservation District Board of Directors on Tuesday, December 1.  The board was interested in Reese’s idea, and wants to look into it. 

                Reese also stated that by implementing tax cuts as well as rebates and incentives, this is a potentially affordable and effective method of replenishing our aquifers.  San Joaquin County was recently awarded millions of dollars to be used for water conservation.  By using this money to implement Reese’s idea, Lodi San Joaquin County could potentially save money on wastewater treatment and conserve other resources.

                There is, however, criticism of Reese’s idea due to the lack of scientific research regarding contaminants and pollutants entering the aquifers.  Promoters of this idea argued that this method of replenishing aquifers is no different than natural rainfall, because the water is still filtered through the ground.  The only significant difference is that this re-directed rainwater will be gathered in a dry well underground, and then will naturally seep through the soils into the aquifer. 

The original article can be found at: http://www.lodinews.com/articles/2009/12/02/news/2_reese_water_091202.txt


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