Educating Children of the Future

                Sixth-graders in Glendora, California were unofficially recruited to help make a difference in the future.  Thanks to a mobile learning center run by the Wyland Foundation, these children were able to learn about the effects that pollution has on the environment.

                The mobile learning center is a trailer run by the Wyland Foundation, a group that has a 5-year plan to promote science and the conservation of our environment.  This trailer travels to different schools and with the help of local docents, provides an optimal learning environment to over 100,000 students nation-wide.  Inside the trailer are various exhibits and displays meant to educate these young students about pollution, garbage, and the environment.

      One such exhibit displays the effects that industry has on a lake.  By pushing a button, the display is triggered.  As time progresses, the water level drops and the lake becomes murky from suspended particles.  Another exhibit consists of small beads placed around a small city model to simulate pollutants.  Above the exhibit are sprinklers that periodically turn on.  When the water reaches the beads below, they are carried down stream to oceans where they become very concentrated and coincidentally dangerous to marine life.

      By using such innovative ideas as this one by the Wyland Foundation, water agencies could greatly increase education about water conservation programs.  Students would also learn about the necessity of conserving water, as well as ways of conservation in their home.

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