Newly released project provides insight on water conflicts

                The Pacific Institute recently released a study detailing water riots.  The study provides detailed information regarding water disputes from up to 5,000 years ago, all the way to disputes that occurred in November of 2009.  This study provides information that will likely help persuade officials protect our valuable water resources.

                The Pacific Institute’s study reports information such as the type of water conflict.  For example, was the conflict caused by water being used as a military tool?  A political tool?  A means of causing a terrorist act?  A military target?  By showing the frequency of each attack type throughout the last 5,000 years, politicians and scientists will have a better understanding of the causes and results of such conflicts.

                The study also shows lay people an interesting aspect of water rights and water conflicts.  Not only does this study detail the type of water conflict, but it also provides a detailed description of what caused the conflict as well as how it was solved. 

To see the original article, visit:

To view the study, go to:


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