USGS experts study Sierra groundwater

Experts from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) held a public meeting on January 11, 2010 to discuss the Sierra groundwater supplies. This meeting was held in the public both to incorporate feedback as well as educate the public about their local groundwater.
The main topic of this meeting was the monitoring of the local groundwater quality. USGS scientists and hydrologists are studying the groundwater to track its movement as well as any possible contaminants. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories will also partake in this study.
The study is expected to last 10 years, and includes information from the Sierra groundwater as well as other locations throughout California. This information is made possible by various agencies as well as private well owners.
According to information made available by the USGS, the study has shown that the water is of good quality. Coming from high in the Sierra Mountains, the water does not show signs of having any major pollutants such as pesticides or fertilizers. Also, the water is thought to be of high quality by being composed of water that is different ages. The age of water is determined by analyzing different trace materials that decay over time.
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