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The U.S. Government will save some green by going green February 12, 2010

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President Obama recently signed Executive Order 13514, which mandates that the Government meet certain benchmarks in the years to come. This Executive Order will drastically reduce the amount of natural resources that the Government uses, such as water, energy, and landfills.
This Order not only will help the Government become greener, but also is expected to save some green. Estimates predict that these environmental actions will save up to $11 billion in energy costs alone. That doesn’t include the amount of water saved, or the reduced garbage produced by government buildings.
By 2015, 50% recycling and waste diversion must be practiced. By 2020, there will be a 30% reduction in vehicle fleet petroleum use, as well as a 26% increase in water efficiency.
Starting last November, the Government started a program called the GreenGov Challenge, a place for government employees to post ideas on how to meet these goals. This challenge allowed all government employees to submit their ideas and vote on others’ ideas too. Certain Government agencies then presented their proposals to the Steering Committee on Federal Sustainability.
To read more about this subject, visit: http://www.whitehouse.gov/GreenGov
Brian O’Neill



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