Will wastewater save California farmers?

In Late January, the Modesto City Council unanimously agreed to help fund a study regarding recycled water. This study will also be partially funded by the Del Puerto Water District¬—each entity agreeing to contribute 25% of the costs. Both entities are seeking additional funding from the Bureau of Reclamation.
This study will examine the feasibility of selling Modesto City’s wastewater to the Del Puerto Water District. This could potentially save 2.3 million gallons of water per day by the end of 1010, and another 12.6 million gallons by 2015.
If the two agencies decide to go ahead with this project, it would not only benefit the City of Modesto and Del Puerto Water District, but also local residents by increasing the amount of food available.
Many opponents of using recycled water for crop irrigation argue that it is unsafe and contains harmful bacteria or other contaminants. Since this water must be treated to tertiary standards, the water is safe enough to swim in.
Read more about this issue at: http://www.pattersonirrigator.com/view/full_story/5678052/article-Recycled-wastewater-could-relieve-struggling-farmers-?instance=home_news_lead_story
Brian O’Neill


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