Water Woes: Does California Have The Answer?

One thing that most Californian politicians agree on is how much (or how little) water California has. Water fluctuations have caused many problems throughout California. These problems range from droughts in the Central Valley, which result in the loss of thousands of jobs, to burst pipes and overflowing sewage systems. Each of these events cost Californian cities significant amounts of money. Whether it is unemployment, maintenance and construction crews, or fees for releasing raw sewage, California must pay.
One of the most crucial and obvious problems facing California today is the seeming lack of water. However, there is actually no less water than was available years ago. The changing factor is population. Human beings reproduce at a rate inductive to growing populations and expect to always have available resources. Unless scientists find a way to create these resources, this is not possible.
There is a simple solution to this problem. By implementing water efficient fixtures in residences and workplaces, California can significantly reduce its demand for water. Peter Gleick, President of the Pacific Institute, testified in front of Congress and stated that California could save 1 million acre feet of water by implementing efficient fixtures.
WaterWise Consulting, Inc. has recommended the savings of over 1,500 acre feet yearly by implementing water efficient measures in the South San Francisco Bay Area alone. If sites implement the measures recommended by WaterWise Consulting, there would be enough fresh water for 20,000 to 75,000 Californians. This water would not require any more wells being built or more treatment plants. It’s water that Californians are using right now. By retrofitting current water using fixtures, each device will use lest water, thus less water flowing down the drain. If you would like to learn more about how WaterWise Consulting, Inc. has helped to reduce California’s need for water, please visit our website at http://www.waterwise-consulting.com
Brian O’Neill

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