How to save water in an industrial environment

One of the most difficult places to save water is the industrial sector. Since a significant portion of the equipment and machinery is highly customized, it is difficult to recommend new ways of saving water. For example, precision equipment that uses water is often one of a kid, and thus the most efficient version available.
Aside from installing completely new equipment, one possible way to save water is by carefully maintaining all equipment and machinery. With any equipment that uses water, it is crucial to maintain properly because every small malfunction can accumulate to waste significant amounts of water. By properly maintaining all equipment by cleaning nozzles, and making sure no hoses are kinked, machines will work more efficiently and save you money.
Another option to reduce your demand on potable water is by connecting to a recycled water pipeline. Recycled water is becoming an excellent option for many industrial sites because it is cheaper than potable water, and works just as well. Additionally, recycled water is more environmentally friendly because it uses less energy to recycle water than re-treat it once the water cycles through natural hydrological cycles.
Please visit to for more information on water conservation.
Brian O’Neill


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