Saving Water Saves Money

Congratulations to David Isaacson, a business development coordinator for WaterWise Consulting, Inc. A recently published author, David’s article “Water Efficiency Audits Can Lead to Environmental, Financial Rewards” provides and in-depth analysis of the benefits of water-use audits, and how they help save both water and money. Published in Green Lodging News, David’s article provides a much needed look into the water conservation industry and more importantly: what you can do.
First of all, why should we save water?
As you likely know, there is a fixed amount of water on Earth. Only about 2%of the Earth’s water is fresh water, and a significant portion of that water is locked up in glaciers and icecaps. Since the amount of fresh water is fixed, increasing populations deplete fresh water sources before they can recharge themselves. This leads to increasing probabilities of drought as well as more dire circumstances when droughts occur.
Why should I be interested?
Although different agencies offer water audits, the main components of water audits are comprised of: an inventory of fixtures, flow rates, and a feasibility of the costs, rebates, and incentives of each fixture-including payback times. Each recommendation typically has information such as flow rates, efficient retrofits, available rebates, and the payback time.
Where can I get a water audit?
Some local water agencies or water purveyors offer water audits. Other companies that may offer water audits are engineering firms, environmental consulting companies, or LEED certification organizations.
What are the results?
On average of 15 sites, there was an average of 42% reduced water usage. Of the total water usage, there is a range from 24 to 83%-this translates to a financial savings from $4,400 to $300,000 annually. The payback ranges from under three months to 1.7 years per recommendation.
To read Davis Isaacson’s original article, visit .
Brian O’Neill


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