Conserving water during in the manufacturing sector

There are three easy steps to reduce the amount of water used while manufacturing products. Begin by identifying all wasteful processes. Second retrofit your machinery to be more water-efficient. Third, reuse your wastewater, if possible.
1. Identify all wasteful processes. You can identify all waste by inspecting your manufacturing equipment. Begin where your material input is, and inspect each piece of machinery that uses water. Look for areas where water may be splashed out of containment trays. Also look for dripping plumbing, such as tubing or pipes that may be leaking. Leaks are often significant contributors to wastewater, and can be easy to fix.

2. Retrofit your machinery to be more water efficient. For example, if you have water splashing out of basins, you can install a larger catch basin to catch the splashing water. Also, you can retrofit other fixtures such as faucets.

3. Re-use your wastewater if possible. You can re-use wastewater by containing it in a basin and re-circulating it. If you use water to rinse products, the water often can be circulated multiple times until the concentration of particulate s reach a certain level. Also, water can be re-used in different ways such as for irrigation. Many municipalities are installing “purple pipes” which carry recycled water. This is most commonly used for irrigation of landscapes.
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