The truth about bottled water

The bottled water industry has been growing steadily since it began, and environmentalists are still fighting to prevent the use of wasteful bottled water. Companies such as Aquafina (Pepsi), Dasani (Coke), Perrier (Nestle), Evian, and Fiji Water all sell bottled water at prices much higher than the costs of tap water—sometimes up to 2,000 times more than tap water costs. Bottled water companies are able to do this by convincing consumers that tap water is somehow not as “good” as bottled water. Whether companies use descriptive adjectives to label their water, or they print a serene mountain on the label, the water is almost always the same.

Not only is bottled water supposedly cleaner than tap water, but it is also marketed as convenient. I’m not sure what is convenient about driving to the store and spending 2,000 times more money than I should for something that flows out of my faucet and is just as good, but that is just my opinion. I would rather grab a reusable bottle off of my shelf and run out the door than worry about buying more plastic bottles and hoping they are recycled.

This past July, The United Nations declared water a fundamental human right, and thus it should not be commercialized. By allowing multinational corporations to invade a region, “buy” the water, and then re-sell it to residents, prices skyrocket and often low-income families simply cannot afford the water.

Brian O’Neill


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