Congratulations to the graduating class at the Sustainable Building Advisor Institute!

Congratulations to David Isaacson, Director of Envirosmart Solutions Group, and his graduating class from the Sustainable Building Advisor Institute! The 5th Bay Area Sustainable Building Advisor Program graduated on June 11th. Graduates of this class all came from diverse disciplines, ranging from construction workers, utility workers, facilities managers, real estate professionals, architects, engineers, and environmental consultants. This nine-month course provides students with a broad range of knowledge from guest instructors and other industry professionals. In addition, this class provided a venue for industry professionals to network and make connections amongst other professionals in the field.
The class has students for groups of four to six people, each working on an individual project that facilitates learning for each specific unit. Various projects include helping a building in Santa Clara achieve ISO 14001 certification, providing recommendations of various solutions for the Land’s End Visitor Center in San Francisco in regards to building materials, building envelope, water usage, and ventilation. Another project involved helping the United States Coast Guard base in Petaluma, CA work towards becoming LEED certified.
In conclusion, congratulations to the graduating class of July 2011 at the Sustainable Building Advisor Institute! Keep up the great work!
Brian O’Neill

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